Summer Doldrums

Summer Doldrums – A web marketer’s perspective.

I’ve been marketing online since 1995, part-time initially and now full time. That’s almost two decades during which a lot has changed.

What used to be acceptable methods of earning search engine traffic are now black hat. Search engine optimization was a term no one used back then because SE bots only read meta tags. There were no blogs, but there were newsgroups. Forums were the rage back then, and are still useful websites if you need information or help from people interested in a specific topic or issue. There was HTML and when java first came on the scene everyone was amazed and immediately filled their websites with java applets, usually of photos reflected in water.

Technology has advanced since 1995 to say the least, and is far cheaper. Computers occupied an entire desktop if a printer was included, and operated so slowly that you could literally go make a sandwich and pour a glass of milk while waiting for an image file to download. Back then was a time when there was no mobile technology at all, unless it was a standard desktop PC wired into a vehicle and connected to the internet via dial up using a CNets radio phone.

Yes, a lot has changed with online marketing. However, one thing that has never changed is that come summer, internet use drops significantly. You’d think now, with the vast number of people using mobile technology, this would not be the case. In truth mobile use has flattened out the seasonal fluctuation of total users, but sales still tank in the summer months. The reason is online useage in summer is a lot of social media use. Summer shopping is done while on vacation or at the mall to have something to do. After all, it’s not like bad weather is going to keep anyone locked away indoors. And on that note, how much online shopping is done while camping, on road trips, backpacking, swimming, rock climbing and so on?

Since I know this is going to be the case, I do very little online so some of my blogs and website suffer… like this one had. I still have a pulse, but it slows when it’s hot out. September, as kids are heading back to school and families have mostly all returned home from vacations is when I gear back up. By October I’m again at full speed. So, if I’m missing in action from early June through mid September there’s no need to alert the authorities. I’m most likely fine, just off the grid somewhere.

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  1. Hey PlutoCrazy, Yann from s9motion here. My After Effects Template sales drop off 40% during the summer. I use the time to develop new products and source new content to have on hand when traffic picks up.

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