eBay Double Standards Smack Of Racism

eBay banned the listing of these Django Unchained action figures on it’s auction website. Was the decision racially motivated?

Django Unchained Action Toy!

Django Unchained Action Toy!

The action toys are based on the lead characters of the recently release film from Quentin Tarantino. It’s a western set in the pre-Civil War south, about a slave who gains his freedom as he teams up with a bounty hunter to kill slave owners and ultimately find his wife and win her freedom as well. The movie has received a great deal of critical acclaim. The film has been nominated for four Oscars, including best picture, original screenplay, best cinematography and best supporting actor for Christoph Waltz, who plays the bounty hunter. It already won two Golden Globes for screenplay and supporting actor.

I appreciate eBay is a private company, so it has the right to conduct it’s business as it sees fit. Fine, but I’d like to have it explained to me why the following items are acceptable to sell on eBay according to its “Offensive Materials Policy?”

- KKK memorabilia pricing guides
- News and magazine articles about the KKK
- Documentaries about the KKK
- Books about the KKK
- The film “Birth of a Nation” and the book it is based on, “The Clansmen”
- Stamps, letters and envelopes displaying Nazi postmarks
- Currency issued by the Nazi German government
- Replica or novelty stamps or currency of Nazi Germany

What I surmise from the double standard used to determining what constitutes ”Offensive Material” is that blatant, white racist and/or anti-Semitic material is fine. While anything relating to African American’s fighting back against slavery and racism it intolerable. If I’m missing the point as to why Nazi and KKK memorabilia is given a thumbs up, but action toys based on a movie by a well renowned director is given a thumbs down, I’d welcome someone from eBay clarifying the distinction.

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