A Canadian’s Perspective On USA Gun Control

I’m for gun control, but I’m also a realist. It’s far too late for the USA to go backwards, no matter if it’s for good or bad. The sad truth is, there will come a day in the not too distant future when the population of the USA will need their right to bear arms, and for the very reasons the nation’s founding fathers foresaw.

The Stage Is Being Set Now

1. Citizens of the USA already fear each other as much as they do their own government, and they fear the governments of other nations even more.

2. The country is divided by a two party political system. This is not because two parties better represent the population, but because two parties are far easier to manipulate and control by puppet masters than is the case with multi party systems.

3. Crime is rampant and government willingness to combat it is lacking to the point of impotence.

4. Politicians are mostly self serving, with too many able to be bought by special interest groups, and a few owned outright by criminal organizations.

5. Campaigning politicians constantly polarize the population using race, religion, fear, and social segregation to further their own election agendas. However, the hate and resentment stirred up does not fade like and election promise once the polls close.

6. Religion is not separated from the state, but instead is a tool. Religion is constantly being manipulated to further political agendas with the faithful totally unaware they’re manipulated, at least for the time being.

7. Promotion of needless consumption, combined with a rising in cost of living is being fostered to create a population buried in debt, and therefore compliant.

8. Monetary devaluation and the subsequent increase in the cost of living, with no corresponding increase in incomes being enforced is being used to concentrate wealth in the hands of the few.

10. The population is being deliberately dumbed down through the systematic degradation of the education made available to the majority of the population. The purpose is to rear a generation of citizens intelligent enough to be capable of menial labour and to use low level technology. However, at the same time the poorly educated population is incapable of recognizing manipulation, nor of questioning leadership.

11. Distractions from fiscal mismanagement, be it war or mindless forms of entertainment, are used to foster apathy… etc., etc., etc.

It’s All Old News

History indicates that civil unrest follows a break-down of social structure brought on by poverty or economic collapse. It has always been the case that an impoverished, deprived, poorly educated population suffering under the control of an elitist few will attempt to force change. Left without hope, and thus having nothing to lose, taking any action that is promising change is adopted. Usually such action results in anarchy, as in Somalia. However, it can occasionally herald the replacement of a ruling oligarchy, such as in the case of the Bolsheviks in Tsarist Russia,  the French Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, and the USA’s own overthrow of British ownership and rule.

Also, when instances of impoverishment and/or economic collapse breed unrest, the ruling elite are faced with a loss of control. In such cases, they historically attempt to delay the inevitable by focusing public attention on scape goats, usually based on religious, nationalist, or racial prejudices. Such smoke and mirror tactic work short term, and are playing out right now in the USA. So obviously at least a few of the elite fear their control is already being challenged.

Eventually, even the most gullible and ignorant of populations are pushed so far down they’ll take drastic action to rise up. It’s at this moment in time that the elitists either take total control through some form of marshal law, or fearing control is lost, they flee. If the elite flee a true new order is imposed by the people, usually with a complete restructuring of government, banking, laws, etc. It happened in the USA in the 1770′s, and peacefully in Iceland in 2010 when corrupt bankers were jailed rather than bailed out and rewarded with bonuses as happened in the USA. The people of Iceland forced politicians from office and replaced them with true, representative government.  I predict the same struggle will happen again in the not too distant future in the USA.

Unfortunately, if the population of the USA is successfully disarmed, the elitists will win and a new, darker order will replace the system of government now in place, likely with even the current pretence of a government through elected representation cast aside. That said, if American citizens retain the right to bear arms, and actually manage to hang on to them, the elitists will either not even try to take control, or will likely fail if they try. So, as much as I disagree with the wild west, gun totting mentality of many Americans, I understand why they must keep their right to bear arms, and I grudgingly support their right to do so.

I’m Canadian, and as such I enjoy a decent economy, in a country with minimal crime and violence compared to the USA, and a viable, well regulated, and adequately controlled banking and investment infrastructure. I also live in a multicultural society with minimal racism, a multi party political system that manages to represent the population reasonably well, and a wealth of natural resources and food production. However, we Canadians have as much interest in a USA that has a government of the people, for the people, as any American citizen does. In fact, it’s because we do have surplus fossil fuels, are a wealthy nation, and have an abundance of a commodity that will be far more valuable than oil or precious metals in a few decades, affordable, safe drinking water, that we’re  at risk if elitists controlled the USA. If any of my fellow countrymen think a USA with any other form of government than one still needing the approval of a majority of voters would not march troops anywhere in the world to take what their elitist masters want, it is time to wake up and look around you.

Canada, as a whole, supports Obama and Democrats over Republicans, and especially the two warmongering former Bush presidents, and the militarist policies they followed. But the reality is, there’s little difference in either US political party’s end game. Nor do they differ in the way they intend to deal with their countrymen and the world once the US economy inevitably collapses. So, dislike it or not, Canadians, in fact all the inhabitants of this planet, need to support the right of US citizens to own guns and to bear arms if ever it’s needed. I honestly believe it is this constitution right all Americans have that will one day be the difference between equality for us all, or enslavement as serfs of an elitist few… many of whom are not even citizens of the USA but control the majority of the wealth, the banking system, sea and airport infrastructures, industry, and the politicians of that country.

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